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Rich in history ...

Edna Mae (Dolly) and Elgie Brooks began a unique farm in 1939, raising turkeys to be given as gifts. Brooks Gift Specialists became a solid business, providing Christmas and Thanksgiving gifts to employees, colleagues, and customers to some of the largest companies in the country. In 1954, the processing plant was converted to include packing, shipping, and storage facilities. Painted white with shocking pink trim, Dolly and Elgie carried forth the holiday theme.

We purchased the property at an auction in 1992 and moved in on New Year’s Eve. Our Grandma suggested to our parents, "You should pack their sleeping bags when you move in. It would be really special." Every year since we have spent New Year’s Eve together and Grandma still comes around. Well, we expect her presence every year now. Grandma crossed over this last year in 2020. We miss her every day, but she's still very much a part of our family.

Our mom and dad knew we were put here for a reason. And the reason should have something to do with keeping us together as a family. Sure enough, into their heads popped the cottage rental idea, along with Kimber's Gourmet Foods. Kimber, our mom, makes amazing ... everything. We worked tirelessly on the house and property to slowly get it ready for guests. The timing worked out. And, as kids, we were kept busy helping our folks prepare. In 2007, our family approached the township and sought a permit. Unfortunately, our request was denied. Our dad felt strongly in his heart this project would come to fruition, so we navigated another route. We finally got approved after what felt like years, and the building commenced. We knew we wanted to be bold and unique. And we wanted to give people a great experience while they stayed here.

DollyBrook is a vacation destination that will keep growing for years and years. By the time the project is completed, there will be 7+ roads with a total of up to 54 unique rental structures. Basketball and tennis courts with a clubhouse at the center of the property, flanked by children’s playgrounds, a sand volleyball pit, a swimming pool with a pool house, and so much more. Every cottage will be different from the one before and everyone will offer different things for different wants and needs. Each year we will strive to provide something special and new from the previous year. Like Dad says, “Here at DollyBrook Farms, you get out what you put in ... The sky is the limit.”

Start from the beginning and build your family memories here as we continue to build ours.

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Jim, Kim, Nathan, Ashley, Nichole, and Ali

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